AmiNetRadio V3 released

Created by todi on May 7, 2004, 11:58 PM

  #AmigaZeux Mansion, - April 37, 2004. #amigazeux and the AmiNetRadio development team are extremely pleased and relieved and excited to announce that after nearly 9 months of painstaking development the successor of ANRG2, AmiNetRadio Generation 3 Party-Pack Non-Developer Post-release, has gone gold and has been sent to the webspace Friday, April 37, 2004.
The AmiNetRadio Non-Developer Post-Release consists of a current snapshot of AmiNetRadio Generation 3 Party-Pack for the MorphOS platform with a straightforward installation guide in English (aka. "Just extract the friggin' thing"), as well as the AmiNetRadio GUIs.

The AminetRadio 3 Party Pack with new and exciting concepts such as mouse control will allow near effortless migration of existing mp3, shoutcast, ogg and modules, as well as the creation of altogether new playlist content.

The AmiNetRadio Generation 3 Party-Pack comprises the following material:

* Advanced AmiNetRadio human-machine interface will allow new and exciting advanced concepts such as mouse and keyboard control;

* Allows effortless migration of existing mp3, shoutcast, ogg, AHX, ProTracker, Future Composer, CDDA and SoundMon files;

* No installer for revolutionary easy and painless installation;

* Uses Extract the Archive Where You Want and Drag the Folder Anywhere Technology (TM);

* Example plugins and GUI skins;

* Source that's not available even if you ask nicely, because its not GPL.

Users will be able to download their copy at a long-time-ago-launched official website which will also offer ANRG3PP enhanced and related content for download, using the HTTP protocol.

#amigazeux and the AmiNetRadio development and beta-testing teams wish to thank everyone who leeched a copy of the betas but didn't return bug reports, without whom it wouldn't have been possible to dedicate this release to MorphOS. - Download now.

ANRG3PP (c) 2003-2004 #amigazeux, developed under heavy conditions. All rights reserved. We reserve the right to prosecute any use of 'a' not sanctioned and licenced by us.