AmiNetRadio V4 - "ANR'05 - By Amiga users for Amiga users"

Created by ToDi on Oct 6, 2005, 11:57 PM

  #AmigaZeux, Darkmyst IRC network, October 10th, 2005,

#AmigaZeux and Stevo are pleased to announce the next generation music player ANR'05.

Changes V4.1 (09-Oct-2005)
- When setting pens for NList objects ANR crashed under OS4. Fixed.

- Removed redundant soundmonplay.library which was actually a MorphOS ELF
library and was already present as soundmonplay.library.elf.

The update of ANR'05 is available at
We would firstly like to thank all those who have written emails wishing us luck with our project. It's the enthusiasm of you, the users that drive us. Thank you!

Many of you have expressed an interest in becoming a beta tester for the ANR'05. Rest assured, that we have been working this plan out. Please address all inquiries about beta testing to us, and not Hyperion, they have OS4 to finish, and we all need it done.

The ANR'05 is a modular music player based around the PowerPC (and 68k) microprocessor. It is intended to be a low cost, legacy free system aimed at the MorphOS freeware market running versions of the MorphOS operating system.

Heinz M. of #AmigaZeux commented: "ANR'05 results in 85% more performance over competitor music players. We know this because the community deserves a solution that's been thought through."

Although modest by modern sound standards, ANR'05 has been designed in such a way as to leverage the highest performance possible with enough system throughput to make the best use of the PPC processor. The design has very much been balanced for performance and price. It's free, by the way.

About #AmigaZeux:
#AmigaZeux only formed to provide the very next generation in music players, based on the internationally rewarded shoutcast internet standard. The final goal being, the very next generation Amiga music player at a very oustanding reasonable price/performance.

Download of ANR'05 is available at

-- #amigazeux

Press Release Mini FAQ
Q. Can we have a future roadmap done in PPaint?
A. No.

Q. What does the 05 in ANR'05 mean?
A. This is a secret at the current moment.

Q. Why don't you make an OS4 native version of ANR'05?
A. Hyperion haven't paid a licence fee yet. For the last time, porting would be easy, but no licence, no port. Our hands are tied, it's as simple as that.

Q. Why do you abandon the entire OS4 userbase?
A. We've never met him.

Q. Will ANR help me meet young philippino women if I donate?
A. Uhm... sure.

Q. Does the ANR'05 require that you use Registered MUI or can a cracked keyfile be used?
A. No keyfile is needed, but you may use one if it makes you happy. Just don't show it on any videos this time.