CD Player 2 released

Created by iti on Dec 29, 2005, 9:48 PM

Last update by guest on Jan 31, 2021, 1:47 PM
  AmigaZeux wishes merry christmas 2006 to all Amiga users! To celebrate forth coming christmas event we released new CD Player 2 for all MorphOS users!
New version includes CDDB support, streaming CDDA via AHI and much more.

Main features of included software:

CD Player 2.0
- Can read track names from a CD (CDText) and FreeDB (CDDB)
- Random play
- AHI playback
- ARexx support
- Waveform analyser (AHI only)
- AmigaAMP visual plugins (AHI only)
- AmiNetRadio DSP plugins (AHI only)
- Simple, clean user interface
- Optionally hiding GUI elements

CDDA Ripper 1.1
- Extract digital audio from CDs
- Can read track names from a CD (CDText feature)

BlankCD 2.0
- Blank CDRW disks, similar to MakeCD's Blank CD function

Eject 2.0
- Open and close CD/DVD tray

SetCDSpeed 2.0
- CD/DVD speed control

Heinz M. from #AmigaZeux comments: "We promised CD Player 2 before christmas and here it is!"

Download new CD Player 2 from !