French Amiga Group #amigazeux in cooperation with releases MEM

Created by ToDi on Oct 1, 2006, 12:35 AM

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  Paris, France, October 1st, 2006 French Amiga Group #amigazeux in cooperation with releases MorphOSExecMonitor.

MorphOSExecMonitor is being designed to integrate users' favourite images and statistics-based content into the most entertaining and challenging skins, designs and windows.
Fans will be able to see screenshots of, and download, MorphOS-branded Amiga products at the MorphOSExecMonitor homepage on Sunday, September 31, at

"Amigazeux's ability to offer high quality MorphOS branded multimedia to the computers of our fans fits well with our commitment to provide the most enticing monitoring package," said Fritz Quecksilbeau, amigazeux's French division Assistant General Manager and Director of Marketing.

"Our french division brings excitement to their loyal and enthusiastic fan base both on and off the net. Amigazeux further enhances the value of the MorphOS brand and lets fans take a look at boring system stats everywhere", said Heinz M., AmigaZeux Vice President of Operations.

MorphOSExecMonitor is available online at For more information visit

Please make sure to also install the fundamental AmigaZeux library pack also available at