Lupe V2.0 for Amiga 68K and MorphOS

Created by ultragelb on Jun 23, 2022, 3:14 PM

You may remember this small program from the 90's and maybe you are still using it nowadays. We are talking about Lupe - the magnifying glass program.
Lupe was originally released in 1995 and was developed until 1997 by Frank Toepper. In 2000 the source code was released and lay around untouched for centuries.
Then in 2022, after encountering some problems with the old version I took the source code, ported it to AmigaE, fixed a couple of bugs and added some features. The result is: Lupe V2.0.

  • The magnification factor is adjustable
  • Can jump to any screen
  • Crosshair
  • Optionally shows mouse coordinated
  • A pixel grid is available
  • Special Fast-mode for fast continous updates
  • Possibility to set the area to fixed coordinates
  • Can show the RGB values of the current pixel
  • Saving of the current window contents as IFF or PNG file
  • Auto-jump to the currently active screen
  • Supports CyberGfx bitmaps >8 bit depth
  • Comes with a MorphOS version
  • Source Code included

Changes for V2.0
  • Reworked original documentation as AmigaGuide
  • Shows size of scaled area in window title now
  • Added MagicBeacon support to the MorphOS version
  • Supports screennotify.library now
  • Lupe can install a DOS notify on its icon in order to reload its tooltypes/config
  • Added support for MorphOS extended window border gadgets
  • Grid Color can be changed now
  • Fixed grid rendering on MorphOS
  • Added PNG saver and respective menu option
  • Fixed true colour 24 bit IFF saver
  • Added mouse wheel support to adjust scale factor.
  • The Lupe window can be resized now by a fixed size step using CTRL + cursor keys.
  • On MorphOS the Lupe window can be excluded from being magnified in its own window
  • Lupe won't try to jump to screens with no default title and no screen title anymore to prevent it from jumping to MorphOS blanker screen.
  • Fixed border window refresh problem on MorphOS.
  • Fixed illegal memory access in Pubscreenlist traversal code.
  • Ported C source code to E.

Download Lupe V2.0 HERE