MouseTracker V1.3 for MorphOS

Created by ultragelb on Jul 5, 2022, 9:59 PM

MouseTracker is a Commodity for MorphOS.
MouseTracker records Mouse movements and clicks and can display them as realtime overlay. Furthermore MouseTracker can create heatmaps from Mouse movements. Saving of generated images is possible as well.
New in this version:
  • Image format for saving can now be selected and isn't limited to PNG only anymore. Formats supported through Reggae are: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, ILBM, DEEP.
  • Added '%x' as placeholder for save filenames for track and heatmaps that is replaced by the approriate suffix for the set image format.
  • When an overlay track/heatmap is shown it will now also mix the map with the screen on non-composited screens. Live-updates for trackmaps on non-composited screens are not done for now.
  • On non-composited screens the progress window was 'burned' into the track/heatmap. Fixed.
  • Reduced the amount of tracker nodes created by a factor of ~3 by optimising away unnececarry waypoints.
  • Added a small close button in the left top corner when showing Track- and/or HeatMap overlays.
  • The config file is now saved as a sequence of template strings instead of saving one binary blob. The old config is loaded once and converted to the new config automatically. The old config is not deleted by MouseTracker itself in case you have to revert to an older version of MT. If you want to manually delete it: 'env:MouseTrackerCX/default.cfg' and the same in envarc:
  • "Strength" header in mouse tracker prefs also acts as a button now to advance all cycle gadgets at once.
  • The "Track" header of the track column in mouse tracker prefs is a button now and can be used to toggle respective checkmarks.
  • When an overlay is shown the window opacity can now be adjusted by pressing CTRL and moving the mouse wheel.
  • Fixed mouse distance calculation which was severly broken. My head still hurts...
  • Also tracks the fourth mouse button now.
  • Now also visually tracks mouse-wheel up and down events.
  • Prefs handling was completely jumbled up internally. Fixed.
  • Added NOSCREENBAROBJECT=NOSBAR/S option to have no screenbar object created at all. Works from tooltypes and/or shell.
  • Will add its own screenbar object to the screen titlebar when started. The screenbar object offers a popup menu with a couple of options (map creation, go to prefs, go to stats) to chose from. Furthermore the screenbar object displays the mouse position on the screen using a sizeable dot. Check out its config options in the pubscreen manager (right click on screen depth button).
  • Fixed a memory leak when parsing tooltypes.
  • Added PREFS=GUI/S option to open the GUI of MouseTracker directly when started. Works from tooltypes aswell as from shell.
  • It is now possible to select the screen to generate an overlay or image for from the prefs.
  • Stats for individual screens are tracked now and can be selected in the 'Stats' tab for display.
  • Long term statistics can be reset now too. It has a saverty requester aswell.
  • Added a savety requester to the 'Reset Statistics' button.
  • Prefs/statistics GUI got some cosmetic changes.
  • Heatmap creation for low screen sizes did not work. Fixed.
  • Sped up final HeatMap generation by about 300%.
  • Sped up drawing of TrackMap and HeatMap by more than 1000%.
  • Added MagicBeacon notification support when a a Track- or HeatMap has been saved. Left clicking the notification will open the drawer the map has been saved to while right clicking it will open the image itself in an Ambient window.
  • Statistics now always opens in a virtual group allowing the window to be sized smaller.
  • When mouse pointer reenters a screen and the trackmap live update is shown, it won't draw a line from the last position the mouse pointer left the screen from to the new position the mouse pointer reentered the screen.
  • Added short description texts to all progress windows.
  • Removed all spaces in texts displaying percentages.

Download MouseTracker V1.3 HERE