Screenshot Screenbar-Plugin V1.1

Created by ultragelb on Feb 8, 2020, 9:34 PM

Last update by todi on Nov 10, 2020, 12:18 PM
Screenshot.sbar can grab single Windows, multiple Windows, freely selectable rectangle areas, even areas simply drawn with the mouse and much more and save them in multiple image formats while residing patiently in your screens titlebar.
New in this version:
  • Fixed a serious bug that freed hotkeys twice and led to crashes when changing f.e. the MUI theme.
  • Images are saved using Reggae now, so screenshots can be saved in either PNG, JPEG, TIFF, IFF, IFFDEEP, SunRaster and RAW.
  • Added %x keyword which gets replaced by the suffix of the set image format (without the dot) for building the filename of a screenshot.
  • Added a corresponding menu item to "Quick Options" menu to select the image format for saving.
  • Added flat icons for Prefs and title bar to distribution. They can be found in Copy_To_Sys/Data/Screenbar/Screenshot.
  • Added an option to resize a taken screenshots using selectable image filters.
  • Will not block the audio hardware any longer in case some other program needs exclusive access to it.
  • AHI-Unit for playing sound is now configurable.
  • The iris effect will center on the selected grab area/window now.
  • Opacity of grabbed mouse-pointer is setable now.
  • Success/Error window now has a title.
  • Displays the dimension of the screen in "Grab Screen" menu item for the screen.
  • Displays positions and dimensions of windows in the corresponding menu for windows of a screen
  • TestPaint: Fixed a bug in Dot tool that only drew the first mouse down event.
  • TestPaint: Added image loading/saving/resizing

Download Screenshot.sbar V1.1 HERE