Titler - The nearly-final non-pre-release-version

Created by UltraGelb on Dec 29, 2005, 3:51 PM

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  With the near-release of this exciting software package that we have been hinting at for months, AmigaZeux and Stevo hosted an IRC Q&A session. You are previledged enough to read the transcript of this exciting session, presented in such a way that no hard questions were asked.

Download is available from the titler website. Check it out here.
Stefkos: Hello all

XraalE: hi Stefkos

Stefkos: I've got some good news and some not-so-good news... I start with the not-so-good one.

Stefkos: As you have probably already guessed, Titler will be released this year. There are reasons for that which I will explain.

Stefkos: The main reason is the availability of hardware.

Stefkos: The second reason is that it makes titles.

Stefkos: And now the good news.

Stefkos: It doesn't use SDL and it's for MorphOS!!

itix: Wow!!

Tryo: OMG

Stevo: Stefkos we LOVE YOU!!!

* tokai wets his pants!!!111

HeinzM: Mein Gott! Ein tausend kilogramme Titler bitte!!

Stefkos: Now please, I feel like answering easy questions to the public.

NuTmeg: Is it shareware?

*NuTmeg rubs hands

Stefkos: No. Next.

XraalE: Is it true you RULE??

Stefkos: Why yes, yes it is.

XraalE: Well on that note, thanks for your time.

Some Guy: Wait, I still have an essential question...

* Some Guy has been kicked from channel #AmigaZeux: Troll!

Stevo: Round of applause - NOW

Stefkos: You're welcome. Thanks for listening.