TopTasks Screenbar-Plugin V1.6

Created by ultragelb on May 24, 2022, 11:10 PM

TopTasks.sbar is a Screenbar-Plugin for MorphOS that shows the task that is currently eating the most CPU time in the screen title
When the titlebar object is clicked it opens a window displaying the top tasks (from 5 to 25) currently hogging all your precious CPU time. Furthermore it can display a history of the top tasks of the last configureable number of seconds/minutes/hours.

New in this version:
  • The top tasks window opens now exactly below the screen title bar instead of using its own bottom border for position.
  • Text displayed in the screen title can now be rendered off-center vertically by specifiying a pixel offset.
  • Number of Top Tasks shown can be configured from 5, 10, 15, 20 to 25 tasks now. Previously it was fixed to 10 tasks.
  • Now displays the rank of the tasks in the first column.
  • Top Tasks and History Tasks CPU loads can now also be colour coded ranging from green over yellow to red (see settings).
  • Comes with a real Installer script courtesy of InstallerGen by Rob Cranley now.
  • Now also shows the respective task priorities in history list.
  • Global task info group in the TopTask window can now be hidden (see settings).
  • The TopTask window can now be made dragable (see settings).
  • Width calculation has been updated to be a bit closer to the configured number of characters in settings.
  • Number of entries held in History list can now be adjusted from 60 seconds up to 24 hours where 1 entry equals 1 second.
  • Once an entry was selected in history list it was not possible to deselect it making the list always keep the entry in the visible area scrolling the added top entries out. To deselect the entry now double click any entry in the list.
Download TopTasks HERE